70th Anniversary Sailing Celebration and Push The Boat Out – Stokes Bay

May 20, 2018 all-day
AO Simon Millington

To begin the celebrations of Cody Sailing Club’s 70th year, we plan to hold a celebration of  the club with a Beach Day, regatta with short races, a “Chicken Run” (1) , with a lunchtime BBQ opportunity on the beach, and prospective members invited to join in the fun.

This is a combined Cruiser and Dinghy event, and cruisers will provide the Committee Boat for starts and finishes, and there may be trips out to them for members and visitors from the shore.

Taster dinghy sailing will be available during the day.

(1) The “Chicken Run” is the name of a race all Cody members who go to Summer Camp will recognise, and is a special race where the objective is to cross the line at the end of the racing at exactly the correct moment, nearest to the second wins. There are other rules that make it not as easy as this description makes is sound).