Keyhaven Camp 2019

Cody Camp at Keyhaven, Easter 2019, 19-22 April 2019

I am seeking expressions of interest for attending a Cody Camp at Keyhaven during the Easter Weekend. By expressing an interest you are helping us to decide whether to hold the event, and if we do, what level of support we want from Keyhaven Yacht Club.
Keyhaven YC are nestled in the crook of the Western Solent, behind the marshes between Hurst Point and Lymington, in a visually beautiful Hampshire village.

They hold an annual four day racing event over the Easter Weekend, and they have extended their invitation to us to help us camp and cruise from Keyhaven.
A local landowner has a 2 acre field about 400m walk from the Club that he has persuaded his neighbours to permit up to 20 of our campers to use. We can keep our boats on combi trolleys at Keyhaven for the duration of the camp, and the road bases, tents and camper vans on their flat, freshly mown camping field.
For their Easter Regatta we are free to cruise on our own, are welcome to join the racing, and Keyhaven YC can arrange some marsh pottering. Outside of sailing there are walks around and bird watching on the marshes or walk into Milford or Lymington and also ferry trips to Hurst Castle the spit.  Keyhaven YC can liaise with us to create a food menu to help support our visit and perhaps a special dinner on one night so that they can formally welcome us to their club.

Dinghy Cruising from Keyhaven

We have let them know of the sorts of dinghy that we usually bring, which is in alignment with their sorts of dinghy. They use their 11’4’’ Scows to navigate through the marshes and to ‘potter’ along the coast.  If it is of interest to us, they could discuss setting up  a ‘Potter’ using their local knowledge to navigate through the marshes.  Unless the weather is F5 and below their Scows might only manage to Lymington, Yarmouth, Totland Bay and back in a day.  If the tide is right then Alum Bay could be a possibility (late evening sail, returning for 20:00).
For the duration of our stay, road trailers can be parked up in the camping field and space found for daily launch trolleys with dinghies at the Club and (guess for a small fee) in the local boatyard alongside the club.  If we are launching off road trailers (with a vehicle) we would need to plan carefully.
Whilst they note that we are generally not interested in racing, they do take a fun approach to racing so if we should change our mind it would be easy to include us.  The pottering they would set up is especially for us, so an idea of numbers and which day preferred would be helpful. Their lead sailors on pottering do like to race, but they should be able to find wiling leaders for our fleet.  
There is no problem in bringing a large dinghy up to the quay for most of the tide but, being springs we will have problems at very low water: say 1545-1845 Friday,  1620-1955 Saturday, 1715-2000 Sunday, 1830 onwards on Monday if the pressure is high there may be up to 30 minutes either end when the is a shortage of water.  
More of a problem may be launching or recovering a heavy boat like a National18 as it can be muddy low down on the slip.

The tidal prediction for Keyhaven for the four days are as follows, with the horizontal line set approximately where Robin has suggested the creek will be empty. Above the line, there should be water to get out and in.

Friday sees water from 6am to 4pm.

Saturday sees water from 7am to 5:30pm

Sunday sees water from 8am to 5:30pm

Monday sees water from 8:30am to 6pm, but note that a high pressure will bring that in earlier to perhaps 5pm.

With those tides, many good Gold Fleet sails are possible, including an evening sail to Alum Bay (perhaps tagged onto the back of a lunchtime in Newton Creek, with a return to Keyhaven on the new flood not before 8pm).

Camping at Keyhaven
The land owners are permitted to take up to 20 camping units at one end of their 2 acre field – farthest away from any dwellings. The field is a 400m walk to the KYC clubhouse. 
Camper vans can be accommodated, but we need to tell them first. No Caravans.
Fresh water is available from a hose.
Chemical Toilets can be emptoed. Other grey water could sensibly soak into field.
KYC Heads and showers are accessible 24/7.  There are x 3 Male and 3x Female.
Keyhaven YC are keen to know what our plans are for using their facilities. Their welcome is highly likely to be as inclusive as when anyone attends an Open event or a National event – breakfast can be had, one needs only to make packed lunch for while sailing, evening meal and an open bar in the evening, and the delight in this instance of not having to drive between the bar and bed. 
We need to confirm dates of arrival and departure then they can plan some catering to support our visit. Ideally KYC would wish to run an event to welcome us, over the weekend they can provide as much as we require.  Max costs for a 2x course menu would be £15.  If we wanted a cooked breakfast for Cody SC on any morning this they could consider.  This would be subject to staff availability so an early indicator (before 20 March) if we would like this option helps them serve us.  Lunchtime there is always soup and filled baguettes available.  We need to let them know what our catering preferences are.
Note from Keyhaven YC.
“Our bottom line is that we are delighted to host and bring other sailors to enjoy our waters, but also to our club for use of bar and catering – we need the revenues.  We appreciate that your sailors will wish to explore local ‘fleshpots and watering holes’ but if we can agree certain times at the weekend when we will deliver KYC hospitality, that keeps everyone happy, besides we are a sociable club.”
Expression of Interest.
Unlike our wilderness camping adventures, we have a fully equipped sailing club for our use (like we do at Rutland) and Keyhaven are interested in knowing how many people are planning to turn up, and how much use of their facilities we are thinking of using.
For planning purposes, if you are interested in coming to the Cody SC Keyhaven Camp, please let me know the following:

Arrival and Departure Date (and a daysail from here is quite achievable as long as we balance the numbers)

Friday 19th
Saturday 20th
Sunday 21st
Monday 22nd

If you would prefer the camp to be longer, say, you would prefer to arrive on Thursday or earlier, please let me know – this may be negotiable with the land owners and the club. Likewise, if you’d like to stay longer, please let me know.

Food preferences

To help set expectations with the club, what facilities are you minded to use?

Cooked Breakfast  (number of days)
Lunch (number of days)
Evening Meal (number of days)
Bar (number of evenings

If they lay on a special CodySC evening for us, would you be interested in attending?

I’d like to attend a special “Cody SC” evening meal at the club Yes/No

So that we know what to expect, and can help plan with the dinghy park

The dinghy or dinghies I plan to bring:


To help understand whether you would like to join then for some creek pottering, would you like to join them?

I’d like to join Keyhaven YC for a potter about in the local creeks

So that we can help plan the camping field, the camping I plan to do;

Camper Van
Staying locally but not camping
Day sailing so no accommodation
(note: no caravans)

To help understand the certainty of your interest, how committed are you to joining us:
If 1 is barely, and 10 is absolutely committed to coming to this camp (external incidents excepting), how committed are you to this camp? 

My commitment on a scale of 1 to 10 is ___

Let me know what other questions you have, what else you’d like to see which might tip you into being interested, and so on…
The absolute drop dead date for commitment is 20th March for KYC to get staff in, and the earlier I get expressions of interest (or not) the sooner I can decide whether a camp at Keyhaven over the Easter weekend is worth doing.

Steve – Commodore.