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Cody Sailing Club attended the RYA Dinghy Show

Following a change of the way we contact potential members, Cody Sailing Club took a stand at the RYA Dinghy Show in March, where we were visited by over 50 families and individuals who are interested in joining our virtual sailing club. Cody Sailing Club seems to be unique in the UK as a virtual sailing club which concentrates exclusively on fleet dinghy cruising and activities to help individual dinghy cruise. This year we are committed to the following activities;

  • “Quiet evenings” – to begin part way through the Frensham Spring Level 1 & 2 Training and run through the Summer. This helps people new to sailing gain experience in a non-competitive environment, and be more ready to get good experience with tidal cruises.
  • Our instructors that are interested in maintaining their qualifications helping with the RYA training at Frensham. This helps our RYA Instructors maintain training skills and keep close to the RYA.
  • A varied and vigorous Daysail calendar throughout the year, which builds confidence on the water.
  • A Push The Boat Out event at Stokes Bay to help welcome new members to the club.
  • Poole, Helford and Bosham Camps. Camping and Dinghy Cruising.
  • More social events, such as walks and cycling. This allows us to enjoy each other’s company when sailing is not the lead activity.

As an RYA Affiliated club leading with our specialist activity of fleet dinghy cruising we gave an interactive talk on the Main Stage on both days of the show. Our topic is how to safely sail in company in small boats and have safe, adventurous fun. We talked to more than 85 interested show attendees across the two days.

Poole Camp dates for 2017 confirmed

Gordon has secured the dates for 2017 to return for the 41st consecutive camp in the Summer Half Term at Poole.

Raffle prizes for Frensham Pond Sailing Club 10 hour race from Cody Sailing Club are announced

Find the prizes here.

New advertising posters

We have some new advertising posters which print out quite nicely on a colour printer.

CSC2016Posters PDF 5.8MB

New builder for the Comet Trio

After a six year break, new Comet Trios are now available from Peak Dinghy Spares.

Pictures of Comet Trio number 500 before fitting out was trailed to the Comet Trio Nationals in Exmouth. Glyn at Peak Dinghy Supplies also provides the spares required for Comet Trios.


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