Solar Powered Sailing – using the Sea Breeze

We just enjoyed a very special long weekend of camping and sailing in Chichester Harbour. The weather was record-breaking and with clear blue sky from horizon to horizon there was sure to be a sea breeze. The forecasted wind was only an Easterly F1-2. Each day we waited for the sea breeze to start, which gave a cooling and refreshing F3 Southerly breeze across the harbour. Given the tide, the best place to go was to East Head, HISC and then home, on one day via Bosham for ice creams. We teamed up with First Sunday Sailing Group and enjoyed fleet cruising with them on both Saturday and Sunday. On Monday the sea breeze took longer to arrive than on the other days, and by noon we had solid wind. We had time to visit East Head for lunch, a chat and a snooze in the sun.
A very enjoyable and relaxing time, with great company.

Furthermore, we were joined in Chichester Harbour by the Cody Sailing Club yachts who sailed from Portsmouth and spent the night in Itchenor. This is a picture of the passing dinghies from one of our yachts.