Club Boats

Club Boats

The Club currently operates three dinghies (three Comet Trios) which are sailed and maintained by the Dinghy Section.

All three boats are berthed at Frensham Pond Sailing Club during the summer months. Two Trios have full membership and one has a weekday only membership. The boats are stored on their trollies at Frensham Pond and additional materials are kept at the Boat Shed on the Farnborough site.

During the winter months all members of the Dinghy Section are asked to help with the maintenence of our boats as this keeps our fleet in good condition and keeps subscription charges low. This task has reduced considerably in recent year now that the Club runs a totally GRP fleet.

All members of the Dinghy Section can use the boats providing they are not being used for Club activities.

To book a Club boat contact the Rear Commodore

Trio 346 (yellow)

Trio 358 (green)

 Trio 467 (Orange – the only one made in Orange)

Comet Trio 467


Comet Trio Rope Lengths 

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