Hayling cycle ride

I have heard people say that the period between Christmas and New Year can be a bit of a dead time. The answer, obviously, is to organise a Cody social event then and to start a tradition!
Hence the plan to cycle the old puffing billy railway track on Hayling Island.
The day before I looked out of the window and saw snow, sleet and a howling gale. It did not look good for a cycle.
However, there was a weather window, the first for days, forecast on our chosen ride day. The forecast was right and the day was sunny, bright and a bit nippy. The visibility was exceptional and we had great views of Langstone Harbour and the hills above Portsmouth.
Nine of us cycled to the Ferry Inn pub at the mouth of Langstone Harbour and we were we were joined by half a dozen of the non- cycling shore party for lunch. (Some of us walked most of the way! – Ed)
On the way there we broke the ice on several of the puddles as we rode through them on the excellent off-road cycle track. There was snow or frost on the fields in places and it was beautiful.
It was very nice to meet friends and to chat over lunch. The wind was behind us on the way back and we pottered our way back to the cars. This was a lovely day in a period of poor weather that was worth grabbing and not spending in front of the fire or in post-Christmas shopping. Seize the day!

Cody Sailing Club 70th Anniversary

Seventy years ago, a few scientists at the Royal Aircraft Establishment met to form a sailing club with the aim of using one of the RAF Yacht Club’s 50 sq.m. ‘windfall’ yachts – previously owned by the German air force. The first meeting was on 10th November 1948 with a subscription fixed at 10 shillings (50p) and an agreement to help with maintenance of the yacht. This inaugural meeting was followed by talks on seamanship, yacht husbandry, navigation and (since many members were scientists) on the aerodynamics of sailing!
Later, many members bought or built their own yachts and the windfall yachts moved to other organisations (such as the Offshore Cruising Club). Later still, the RAESC (as it was then) acquired one or two sailing dinghies and began a small dinghy section, which started a unique programme of dinghy cruises. The RAESC became a group member of the Frensham Pond Sailing Club where the dinghies were kept and where sailing tuition was provided to new members. (In winter the plywood dinghies were moved to RAE and stored and maintained in a disused aircraft hangar!)
By the end of the century much of the RAE had become privatised and the club changed its name to the Cody Sailing Club, in recognition of its association with Farnborough airfield and the first UK aviator, Samuel Cody. The club also drew its membership from over a much wider area and now welcomes any with a passion for sailing. The club continues to maintain a fleet of dinghies at Frensham and has a vigorous programme of dinghy cruises including several events for yachts.
This year we will be celebrating the club’s 70th Anniversary – the key event will be the Anniversary Dinner on 10th November 2018 – exactly 70 years to the day!
The dinner is not the only celebratory event; there will also be a beach day, regatta and BBQ at Stokes Bay on the 20th May, with the aim of also supporting the RYA ‘Push the Boat Out’. There will also be celebratory activities at other events, especially during the camps!

2018 Events Published

The events calendar has been published, and we are committed to the following activities;

“Quiet evenings” – to begin part way through the Spring and run through the Summer, this helps people new to sailing gain experience in a non-competitive environment, and be more ready to get good experience with tidal cruises.

A varied and vigorous Daysail calendar throughout the year, which builds confidence on the water.

A Push The Boat Out event at Stokes Bay to help welcome new members to the club.

Poole, Salcombe, Rutland and Bosham Camps. Camping and Dinghy Cruising.

More social events, such as walks and cycling. This allows us to enjoy each other’s company when sailing is not the lead activity.

See the Events tab for the full calendar.