Poole Camp Tuesday

The forecast was SE becoming SW about lunchtime, so imagine our surprise when we launched at 0840 into an Easterly F4. We sailed the reach and run to the Wareham River entrance in very good time with the flooding Spring tide, and arrived at Wareham, with only a couple of beats being required, at 10:17, which is an hour quicker than we had allowed. Second breakfast was taken. Roy and Jenny in the 2k held full sail, Steve ,Mel and Mike reefed the Trio mainsail and left around 11am on the first ebb for Shell Bay. By this time the wind had gone South, which made getting from Wareham to the river entrance again simple with much reaching and running and little beating. We unreefed at the river entrance and beat to Shell Bay Cafe, arriving just as the second flood began. We timed the reach back to camp to arrive just at the top of the second high at 15:00.
What did we learn? Go to Wareham on an Easterly and Spring flood. Leave Wareham on a Southerly and Spring ebb.
It was a really good day of sailing from the furthest navigable point West to the furthest navigable point within the harbour East.

Poole Camp Monday Morning

Most epic sail of my year so far. Launched 9am in a stiff SW F4, Jenny & Roy in the 2k and Steve, Mel and Mike in the Trio. Spinnaker run to the entrance, two sail broad reach, then three sail reach planing most of the way to the end of the Training Wall, then a beat to Middle Beach for Second Breakfast. Many fine comestibles consumed. Then a broad reach back to the end of the training wall, and a continuous Port tack from there to Rockley Point, taking in every point of sail. The three sail reach to the entrance was mostly planing, and then a beat into the entrance, a run down to the Poole side of Brownsea and a long beat to Rockley. We landed for third breakfast, then beat in a stiff breeze, three up on the side most of the way, and beat in over the shallows to arrive with 10 minutes to spare on the ebbing tide. Adventurous and fun.

Poole Camp Sunday

The forecast was for a F4-5 SW, so we took the opportunity to see if we could see the seal that lives near Round Island was in. Jenny and Roy, 2k, Mel and Steve, Trio and Ged, Morgan, Mike, Storm17. We left at 8am and beat into a strong breeze directly between the shore and Round Island across shallow waters. Then a reach past the dwellings, and no seal was to be seen. We carried on past Shipstal Point and Patchins Point, and then some way up towards Wareham. The wind against tide generated stiff sharp waves and we got enjoyably wet. We turned and ran and reached home.

Poole Camp Saturday

The plan was to sail on the second ebb out of the harbour, but the low pressure suppressed the second high tide and only the 2k had water to launch. We had a visit from Alastair in his Paradox and took tea and stories. Peter had to leave to attend a family event. Roy and Jenny sailed to Old Harry and South Beach, and while it blew wind across the field the whole time, they had a flat calm at the entrance for an hour. They arrived back just as we were leaving. When the tide arrived, Ben and Mike took the Versa, Ged, Mel and Debbie took the Storm, Simon, Anne and Morgan took Simon’s Trio and Martin sailed Steve’s Trio with Steve. We sailed in a F3 between Furzy and Green, up Blood Alley and round Brownsea, finishing at high tide back at the camp. The wind moved between Easterly and Southerly. It was an adventurous sail in that the beat into the incoming tide required guile and cunning and sailing close to the shore.