Bosham Camps 2021

Bosham Camps in 2021

Wednesday 8th to Sunday 13th June 2021 Cody Club members only
Thursday 9th to Sunday 12th September with CCCA members

Bosham Camp

Half way along the Bosham Channel in Chichester Harbour is a camping field (only open to groups), with access to the water at all states of the tide. The club camps there and takes advantage of the inland tidal estuary to enjoy long cruises in the area. Depending on weather and tide conditions, the cruises can include sailing around Hayling Island, as well as cruises in the harbour to the Hayling bridge (and Royal Oak pub), Dell Quay, East Head, Bosham and Emsworth.

Our fleet at East Head

This rally offers family camping on an attractive site with all-tide launching facilities, with the option of using the site for launching only. Launching is limited to boats of 16 ft or under, and 486 lbs (Wayfarer weight) or under, but larger or heavier boats could be launched at Bosham, Itchenor, or other sites and sailed there. There is soft mud to the North of the slip where boats can safely take the ground, although some thought needs to be given about how to access such. The camping and launching fees are very reasonable, but respect for the landowner’s regular tenants’ rights is essential. For non-sailors there are excellent walks to be had on the South Downs or by the harbour, a cycle hire shop at Fishbourne (5 miles) as well as Fishbourne Roman Palace. Chichester town centre has excellent shops, and there are numerous interesting museums in the area. 

Daysail planning

A consensus will emerge each day as to the best destination to sail towards. You are welcome to join others doing this or to choose to sail to your own favoured place.

Chichester Harbour Dues

Boats over 3m are subject to harbour dues, plaques can be obtained from the harbour masters office at Itchenor (PO20 7AW). Tel 01243 512301 open 9am-5pm M-F and 9am – 1pm Sat. If you contact the office with a week to go, they can take your payment and post you a validation sticker, which must be attached to the Port side stern of the vessel.

Sometimes, only an ice-cream will do – the fleet at Bosham on a falling tide, while comestibles were fetched.
The fleet being anchored at Dell Quay
And when the tide came in, our fleet at anchor from the deck of Dell Quay Sailing Club, a lovely destination for a cruise.

Tides – May

Tides September

You will notice that the May camp is during Spring tides, and the September one is during Neap tides, so that we get the opportunity to sail from Bosham experiencing both tidal phases.

Food Shops

The nearest food shop is the Co-op just north of the roundabout at Bosham. On the roadtowards Old Bosham and the harbour there is a farm shop. There is also a Co-op and an excellent Farm Shop at Southbourne. There is a very large Asda and Tescos in Havant.

Pubs and restaurants

Accessible by Water:

  • Hayling Island Sailing Club, 023 9246 3768 lunch 12:30 -14:30 dinner 19:00-21:00
  • The Anchor Bleu, High Street, Bosham, PO18 8LS, 01243 573956 (food until 9pm)
  • The Royal Oak, 19 Langstone High St, Havant, Hampshire PO9 1RY (02392) 483125 
  • The Crown and Anchor, Dell Quay, Dell Quay Road, Apuldram,PO20 7EE, Tel. (01243) 781712 
  • The Ship Inn, Langstone Road, PO9 1RD (02392) 471719  – by Langstone Bridge.
  • The Ship Inn, The Street, Itchenor PO20 7AH (01243 612294)
  • Coal Exchange 21 South Street, Emsworth, PO107EG 01243 372866 
  • Lord Raglan 35 Queen Street Emsworth, PO107BH 01243 372587

Accessible by Road:

  • The Old House at Home, Cot Lane, Chidham, PO18 8SU (01243) 572477
  • The Bosham Inn, Main Road, Bosham, Chichester, West Sussex, PO18 8PW, 01243 575027
  • The Berkley Arms, Bosham, PO18 8HG 01243 573167

Camping Arrangements

Area Available to Campers

  • The leader must make sure all campers are familiar with the site boundaries and access arrangements. A site map will be provided to all participants.
  • Access to the footpath round the seawall south of the Hard is via the public footpath going through the Dinghy Park.  The area between the Dinghy Park and the boathouse, including that part of the foreshore, is for the use of the Beale family only. 
  • Campers have access to our private woodland path, to the west of the Camp field, that leads South to the Point. It’s a beautiful little woodland, and a quiet conservation area – please keep to paths and glades to protect wildlife and new growth, and ensure kids get the message too – no cycling or rampaging! 
  • Please keep clear of agricultural land and observe the Country Code.


  • Please park in the camp field only (permits are required for the car park, and checks are made). 
  • Any extra Visiting Cars are required to pay £3 per visit. If more than 4 extra cars are visiting your group, please obtain prior permission from the landowner first.


  • There are two standpipes; one by each entrance to the Camp field; the other is immediately west of the wellhead hut.  All water is drinking quality..
  • Please make sure taps are always fully turned off and water is not wasted


  • We aim for this camping location to be a place of excellence re environmental practice, so please recycle everything you can: in the car park there are wheely bins for tins and plastic bottles (they go in together), for green, brown and clear glass. 
  • Refuse for collection by the dustman must be in sealed plastic bags and placed in one of the large refuse bins near the house.  
  • Before you leave, do inspect the site to ensure no litter is left.


  • The changing rooms with showers is available to the group.  Access to it is via a door with a code lock. Participants will be given the door code. We must ensure that we keep the door closed and do not disclose this code to others. Please note that the facility is for people who keep their boats here and is not open to most campers.
  • The camp leader must ensure that children are closely supervised, and that the facilities are left clean and tidy
  • We also have use of the toilet block opposite, which should be unlocked ready for us.
  • There is a wet pit in the wood to the west of the Camp where chemical loos may be emptied (see map once provided).


  • Dinghies can be kept in the Camp field or in the car park (but not left resting on the railings). 
  • Trolleys and trailers must be returned to the car park. No trolleys at any time to be left on South side of slipway. Cars are not allowed beyond the barrier.
  • If you have several boats, please always ensure that you leave good access to the foreshore, ramp and dinghy park for others, especially at peak times.
  • All boats must be insured and display Chichester Harbour Dues plaques – obtain them before going afloat from the Harbour Office at Itchenor (tel. 01243 512301) (See above).


  • There a Defibrillator for general use available 24/7. It’s location is made available to camp attendees. Take a phone with you, dial 999 and you will be told what to do and how to use it. 
  • St Richard’s Hospital, Spitalfield Lane, Chichester     01243 788122
  • Doctors:  Southbourne Surgery,  337 Main Road,  Southbourne 01243 388740
  • Vet:  Mrs Darling , 254 Main Road, Southbourne   01243 379955             


  • Camp fires are not allowed without prior permission.  
  • If you have a barbecue you must make sure that it does not scorch the turf.  We do not allow you to use “instant barbecues” – they tend to cause the most problems and are not recyclable!
  • No picnics or barbecues around the Dinghy Park and Hard area.
  • Fire extinguishers are located near the water taps and are shown on the map. Should you need to use them, please let us know the circumstances and then the landowner can order replacements.


  • We must be mindful of all the other users of the campsite, who come mainly for the peace and quiet.  Please keep noise and disturbance to a minimum.  Do not have loud music playing. If you are not sure what is acceptable, ask the landowner first.
  • No parties involving extra people coming on to the site (see notes re visiting cars).  
  • Noise to be kept at an absolute minimum from 10.30pm


  • The venue is a great place for kids to play freely in the outdoors and have loads of fun.  – Just make absolutely sure you assess risks such as mud, tides, tree-climbing and fires, and supervise them appropriately.
  • For the sake of all visitors and residents, make sure kids know where they are allowed to play. See the map provided to participants.


  • Swimming from the slipway is relatively safe on the flood tide and is best on the last two hours of the flood.  The ebb runs more strongly and is dangerous, even for strong swimmers.  BUT: for safety reasons, do not swim when races are being started, or when the Hard is very busy, and ONLY swim North of the slipway, leaving the South side clear for boats to come in and out.
  • Campers are entirely responsible for their own safety.  


  • Do bring bicycles, but no cycling along the seawall footpaths, on the Hard, or through the woods and caravan fields.   And fishing from the slipway is not allowed


  • A dog is only welcome providing it doesn’t bark a lot and that you keep it under control at all times, particularly near the sheep and other users. If in doubt, keep it on a lead.  
  • Clean up after your dog! There is a special dog waste bin in the car park, by the footpath
  • We have a wonderful array of birdlife, and are involved in conservation work to encourage certain species of ground-nesting birds. In the breeding season (April to July) please keep your dog well controlled, and on a lead through the wooded areas.                                         


Summer 2021. We have booked Mid Park and part of Pump Field for camping.

If you are a member of the CCCA, and wish to join this event, please make contact in the first instance with the cruising coordinator at this very address.

Please note that there is a cap on numbers, so if you are even slightly minded to join, get in touch as soon as conveniently possible,

Recent Posts

Chichester Harbour Summer 2021

Cobnor Summer Camp

This year we held a long weekend summer Cobnor camp and were fortunate to have excellent sunny weather. Thirteen families turned up and enjoyed sailing, paddle boarding and kayaking. The evenings were spend in sunshine chatting and barbequing. A diary of this long weekend is given below.

Wednesday June 10th

08:30 and Sarah Louise and Steve arrived, got Sarah’s Trio rigged and launched into a rising tide and the barest wisps of wind in blue skies and full sun. The drive down had been foggy, the IOW was obscured by fog, and yet just along the strip of coast the sun blazed down. We took 90 minutes of sneaky shallows sailing to make Chalkdock against the flood, and with an hour to go turned for Dell Quay. The SW F1-2 became a southerly F2-3 along the Itchenor reach and we then broad reached to the pub.

The pub required us to sit down and be served, and so we sat on an outdoor sofa which overlooked the water. We had a lovely chat with two canoe paddlers who were randomly assigned the sofa next to us. I’d say more salty than all of us; several transatlantic crossings in a Contessa32, and many salty adventures around the Bahamas.

Soon after the tide turned, we began the beat home in a F2-3, reached the Itchenor channel, and met Adri and Anna coming back from Bosham, where we returned to, took in Ice Creams and headed home in a sporty F4 for a bit of camping. Ginny and Phil arrived and camped.

Thursday June 11th

The plan was for Dell Quay for lunch and Bosham for afternoon ice cream, a tried and trusted crowd pleaser.

The plan unfolded as expected, we were in no hurry to launch as the overcast skies would lead to no sea breeze and the forecast was for more wind in the afternoon. Ginny in her Scow, John and Phil in Phil’s Versa, Anna and Adri in the club Versa and Sarah-Louise and Steve in Sarah’s Trio left the hard at 10:30, headed up-tide and got to Park (beyond Roman Transit) before turning at 11:10 for Dell Quay. We were making a good headway and were about 90 minutes off East Head as we continued onwards.

The broad reach, reach and run saw the fleet at the pub at about 12:15, and we got adjacent outdoor tables where beer, chips and cheesy chips were enjoyed before repairing to the beach for our sandwiches.

The ebb spurred us to action, the beat was good with the tide beneath us, the reach gusty, the run to Bosham slightly eventful. A patch of weed tripped the rudder on the Trio, and we gybed into a broach; fortunately, nothing was there to broach into.

The ice creams at Bosham were good. While I was holding all the boats I was interrogated by a Conservancy Officer regarding a lack of Conservancy stickers, and fortunately we had all phoned in and got a 5-day permit (for which no sticker is issued). Also note that BSC charge if you land on their slipway, but I was holding the boats while still in the water so apparently that does not count. (Also note that even if you have a conservancy sticker, it’s a further £7 per day to launch a dinghy from Itchenor).

The return to Cobnor was a challenging beat with the raging ebb, we reefed just to make it more handleable.

And now the sun has finally come out.

Friday June 12th

Overnight, Ged, Archie and Lisbeth arrived.

The crew were Steve and Lisbeth, Sarah and Ginny in Trios, Phil and John, Anna and Adri in Versas and Ged and Archie in the Storm17.

We launched at 10am into a SW F3 overcast and drizzling, and beat against the flooding tide to East Head where we stopped briefly at 11:15.

The journey to Mengeham Rythe crossed the incoming flood, and then we were carried by it and through the first moorings. It gets tight on the way to My Lord’s Pond, with boats in bow to stern trots and a dead end to avoid. All made it handsomely on the beat there, many tight tacks, and we settled in the now bright sunshine on the North shore for an hour of siesta, lunch and snoozing.

The start of the ebb jolted us into action, and we made our way out which was much easier on the broad reach and run. When we made North of HISC the VHF came alive with a hail from Cody members who have a yacht; Jenny and Roy had sailed to East Head on a whim, so we sailed over and said hello.

We stopped to regroup on Pilsey, passing the deep water Port Hand post the correct side, and just for fun sailed to “Star” racing mark before turning home. Ginny had her racing head on, and Sarah’s Trio was uncatchable. Some had interesting gybes on the way home, some sat majestically running dead downwind without a care in the world, upon cushions.

We arrived home about 1530.

Saturday Sailing

The fleet set off at about 11am after investing some time in working out the club Versa spinnaker.

Mel and Anna, Martin and Ben, Phil and Lisbeth in Versas, Edmund and Isabelle in their Trio, Ged and Archie in the Storm17 and Stephen and Jackie paddled canoes while John took his paddle board. Adri went for a walk, as did Andrea.

Wind was light and variable until Birdham Pool when the sea breeze set in. The sailing was good. The tide was still flooding, so the fleet was anchored. Dell Quay Sailing Club made us most welcome with legendary scones. The fleet left just after 14:00 into a S F3, which built to a F4 at times. In glorious sunshine we beat through Birdham Pool to a close reach along the channel past Itchenor. Steve and Simon joined the fleet for the Itchenor reach, then carried on to East Head for a play in the bigger winds as we broad reached with the spinnaker up home. Someone, not us, using the slipway was lowering their boat, having neglected attaching it to the trolley and the boat fell off the trolley pinning someone between the boat and the wall. We were fortunately out of the way and no major harm was done but it’s a reminder to keep the boat attached to the trolley.

Thanks to Phil for leading the daysail.

Saturday Paddling

Jackie and Stephen Deakin were in their sleek kayaks and John was on his 5th trip on his new Bluefin Cruise 10.8 (SUP).

The outbound leg was in ideal conditions; with the tidal current and in very light winds. The light winds meant that we took about the same time as the dinghies to reach Dell Quay.
By the time of our return the tide had turned and the sea breeze had set in at about 15kts which made for very different conditions. John decided to sit down on his board using the kayak seat that clips to his board, otherwise standing up would have been torturous. He also made use of the second paddle blade to make a double-ended set.

Overall we recorded a 7 mile round trip. It was only after we returned that Stephen noted Jackie was nearly an Olympic rower, which explains why she left Stephen and John far in her wake at times. Like any hard work it was a slog at times but a good achievement in retrospect.

Even in the windy conditions we made the return journey again in a similar time to the dinghies

Roll on future Cody paddling trips!

Sunday (14th) Paddlers

Phil on his kayak and John with his SUP set off from Cobnor at 0945, just before the slipway closed for the Oppy launching window. They had a very pleasant paddle to Bosham with the tidal current and the wind. Following the well established Cody tradition, they stopped at Bosham for an early ice cream. As the tide still had a way to rise and they didn’t fancy a long mud walk, they decided to chance the Bosham Sailing Club slipway and left their craft on the green.

Ice creams consumed, they returned to the green and were stealthily making their way to the slipway when a Bosham Quay staff member came out of his office to demand a fee (£5 each) for using the slipway. After relaunching they made their way further up the Bosham channel as far as they could go with the water available. As they turned to make their way back to Cobnor the tide was against them and there was a healthy breeze. It was hard going on his feet for John on his SUP, so he tried paddling from his knees. Using just the SUP one- ended paddle still made for slow progress, so he added the second blade. Not expecting a breeze John hadn’t taken his kayak seat for his SUP, so he had to sit back on his feet to paddle.

They made steady progress heading back to Cobnor, arriving about 1145 just as the Oppies were finishing their morning racing. It took John a while to be able to get his legs straight, but it was another valuable SUP journey to put in the experience bank.

Sunday Sailing

The weather on Sunday was light winds but gloriously sunny and hot. Seven Cody boats sailed from Cobnor to Dell quay late morning after a racing fleet of Optimists had launched. We found a bit of wind and it was a beat/reach to the pub

The weather on Sunday was light winds but gloriously sunny and hot. Seven Cody boats sailed from Cobnor to Dell quay late morning after a racing fleet of Optimists had launched. We found we needed to take into account the Open Meeting at Bosham SC where about 20 Mirrors and 35 Optimists were racing, so we left after the race fleets were on the water. Keith and Lois joined us from Itchenor in their Sport 14. Mel and Steve, Rob and Adri, Sarah and Simon and Lisbeth in Trios, Martin and Ben in their Versa and Ged and Archie in their Storm17.

We slightly entangled ourselves in the Optimist fleet, and mostly kept out of the way as the tiny humans battled with surprisingly different levels of ability to round their racing mark near Deep End. The clear blue sky did not lift a convincing sea breeze and we were left with puffs and patches of wind from the South as we took the flood to Dell Quay.

Lunch was taken both at the Pub, at the Sailing Club on their veranda and on the beach under the shade of a foreshore tree.

The return trip was uneventful, the wind dropping to barely allow us over the ebbing tide to Cobnor.
We packed up in a crowded carpark and headed home.

This posting was collectively created by the attendees of the camp.

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