Great Dinghy Daysails

I have created an Excel spreadsheet which takes tidal information (from the lovely man at and processes it using local knowledge to create a lookup-table of great daysails.

I think a great daysail is where the tide will take me to the lunchtime destination, I can then have lunch (pie, pint etc…) and the tide take me back to my launch point. I’d like to leave at a sensible time in the morning and get back for a sensible time in the evening.

In order to be able to achieve that, I also need to know the local tidal conditions – when the tidal flow changes direction. This is the additional local knowledge that comes from experience and application of the tidal stream atlas to the planning of a daysail.

Having done that complicated planning once, and ‘programmed’ the tide that is good for a given daysail into the tool, the Excel spreadsheet will indicate good days or weekends to do that daysail, and it can also be used to identify ‘what daysail would be good to do today’.

This is just the basic idea, and it can be built on. If you add either local knowledge, or figure out a better way of doing this (in an app, on a website) I want to be kept involved.

Alastair from the West Country has taken the idea and created a planner for Plymouth and the surrounding area

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