Keyhaven Camp 2019

Cody Camp at Keyhaven, Easter 2019, 19-22 April 2019

We are planning a family camping and dinghy cruising camp, hosted by Keyhaven YC, over the Easter Bank Holiday period.

Keyhaven YC are nestled in the crook of the Western Solent, behind the marshes between Hurst Point and Lymington, in a visually beautiful Hampshire village.

They hold an annual four day racing event over the Easter Weekend, and they have extended their invitation to us to help us camp and cruise from Keyhaven.
A local landowner has a 2 acre field about 400m walk from the Club that he has persuaded his neighbours to permit up to 20 of our campers to use. We can keep our boats on combi trolleys at Keyhaven for the duration of the camp, and the road bases, tents and camper vans on their flat, freshly mown camping field.
For their Easter Regatta we are free to cruise on our own, are welcome to join the racing, and Keyhaven YC can arrange some marsh pottering. Outside of sailing there are walks around and bird watching on the marshes or walk into Milford or Lymington and also ferry trips to Hurst Castle the spit.  Keyhaven YC can liaise with us to create a food menu to help support our visit and perhaps a special dinner on one night so that they can formally welcome us to their club.

Dinghy Cruising from Keyhaven