Keyhaven Camp 2020

Cody Camp at Keyhaven, Easter 2020 has been cancelled

We are planning a family camping and dinghy cruising camp, hosted by Keyhaven YC, over the Easter Bank Holiday period.

Keyhaven YC are nestled in the crook of the Western Solent, behind the marshes between Hurst Point and Lymington, in a visually beautiful Hampshire village.

They hold an annual four day racing event over the Easter Weekend, and they have extended their invitation to us to help us camp and cruise from Keyhaven.

A local landowner has a 2 acre field about 400m walk from the Club and has made arrangements to permit up to maximum of 20 individual camping units to use the field. The constraint is the number of dinghies we can take, which is capped at 8 for space reasons.

We will keep our boats on combi trolleys at Keyhaven for the duration of the camp, and the road bases, tents and camper vans on their flat, freshly mown camping field.
For KYC’s Easter Regatta we are free to cruise on our own, are welcome to join the racing. Outside of sailing there are walks around and bird watching on the marshes or walk into Milford or Lymington and also ferry trips to Hurst Castle and the spit.  Keyhaven YC can liaise with us to create a food menu to help support our visit and have invited us to a special dinner on one night so that they can formally welcome us to their club.

Dinghy Cruising from Keyhaven

It will always be Spring Tides for this camp, because Easter is a religious festival based on the phase of the moon.

Good places to cruise to will be to the east of Keyhaven, and include Newtown Creek, Beaulieu River and Lymington. In the morning the Spring tide will flood until lunchtime, and then ebb in the afternoon. Only if the wind is strong can we expect to get over the raging flood tide to Yarmouth. If we wanted to take an evening cruise through to Alum Bay, we could leave about 17:00 and expect to be back at 21:00

We need about 1M to launch and land on, although it is possible (but difficult) to recover a boat at MLWS, but only by dragging it up a riverbed and physically carrying it out of the water. The tidal prediction looks like this for the Easter weekend. (And will always look like this).

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It’s coming home – Location change for RYA Dinghy Show 2021 – Farnborough Hampshire

The location of the RYA Dinghy Show will change for 2021.
The venue for 2021 is the Farnborough Exhibition Centre – yes, the airfield which is the spiritual home of Cody Sailing Club. In 1948 the staff of the establishment banded together to create a club in order to get themselves a “Windfall” yacht from the UK Government. 73 years later, the RYA Dinghy Show is coming to our patch.
A review has been conducted by the RYA and the location for the show is a significant consideration. They have assessed London, Northern and Midland centres, and have scored the possible venues and made a choice.
Travel is a big consideration, public transport is better than at Alexandra Palace, as well as better WiFi, and getting in and out is easier. With 3500 free parking spaces, and good transport links it is expected to be a better experience that at Alexandra Palace (although it’s not all about the venue – if the train companies ran trains it would have very much helped).
The date for next year is 27th and 28th February 2021.
After 25 years at Alexandra Palace, this will be quite a shock for some exhibitors, and I think it could not be more convenient for us 🙂
All the dinghies with high masts will be along one side as the roof is shaped like a wing with higher and lower ceiling heights.
The price for the stand will be the same for exhibitors as this year. There are opportunities for some exhibitors to expand their space, as the Dinghy Show as it currently is will occupy only 2/3rds of the available space.

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