New Member Induction

Welcome to the club.

Since we are a virtual club it may not be quite so easy to get an induction than if we operated from only one site

Since we

  • have club boats
  • can sail at Frensham Pond and Southampton SC
  • tow our club boats about the country
  • operate at a variety of locations and
  • organise and participate in camping and adventurous sailing

…there’s lots to know.

We want you to get the most out of the club, and we know that getting inducted into the club, the operating areas and the equipment is really important to new members.

It’s important that we show you how to get the best out of your membership, and it’s beholden on both you as a new member, and existing members to make your onboarding as comprehensive as it needs to be.

The things that we need to make sure you know include

All new members

  • Overview of club’s website and events programme
  • Members only section/code (link to operational procedures) (Provide code)
  • Confirm that the new member can receive email from the Cody email distribution server
    • Verify the member communication choices (see below)
    • Gain access to the email archive – go to Members Only and click on the Crew Email Archive – you will need the password. (Provide Password)
  • There is a WhatsApp group. Simon M is an administrator.
  • There is a Facebook page.
  • Confirm that the member can subscribe their calendar application to the Cody calendar
    • Visit the Events page and follow the instruction to subscribe
  • Day-sail induction – what happens when you want to join a daysail
  • Family camping induction – what it’s like to go camping with us
  • Frensham Pond induction (if you intend to join us on Frensham)
    • Codes to get into the gate and changing rooms (Provide Code)
    • Where it’s OK to sail and not OK to sail
    • Frensham Pond SC club rules and byelaws (Send FPSC handbook link)
  • Southampton Sailing Club induction (if  you intend to join us at SSC)
    • Who holds the key to the compound and clubhouse (Provide Contacts)
    • Info about SSC

Dinghy section only

The dinghy section membership entitles you to use club boats on Frensham Pond and the sea, depending on qualifications and experience. You are entitled to join in with the racing at Frensham Pond and Southampton Sailing Club, and if you choose to not race when racing is on, you must give the racing fleets room to race.

If you have your own dinghy you don’t need to be a member of the dinghy section.

  • Dinghy Section Rules
  • General Dinghy Rules
  • Vehicle equipped for towing?
  • Driver experienced with towing?
  • Prepare a Trio for towing – and build it ready for sailing.
  • Procedures for towing (preparation/stowage)
  • Sailing notes for the Comet Trio
  • Outboard motor procedures/rules
  • Pyestock shed induction

Note: the club member/driver is responsible for ensuring their license includes the correct permissions for towing trailers, and their towing vehicle is covered by insurance and MOT.

Joining Buddy

You should have been assigned a buddy to help ease you into the club, and they are generally the ones to deliver, or organise your induction. If you have not yet had the chance to get to know the club, please get in touch with us.

Communication Choices

We have a wide range of sub-groups in Cody SC, and depending on your particular interests and qualifications you can be added to different communication streams.

CrewThis is the general communication list that everyone is included in. Calling notices for events and newsletters are the backbone of the club.
Cody Daysail LeadersThis is for our daysail leaders, or daysail leaders in training
Cody OvernightersFor our members who have, or are sorting out sleeping arrangements to sleep aboard their dinghies.
Cody FrostbiteIf you have the right personal equipment to stay warm during the very coldest months, and are interested in dinghy cruising during the winter, this sub-group organises daysails. Realistically you need to have a drysuit, boots, thermals and so on. Your own boat is not necessary, as we may have spaces. Events are generally created at short notice when a window of decent weather opens up.
Cody Dinghy SectionThis is for the member of the shared equity access scheme to get access to our club boats. If you have subscribed to the dinghy section, you’ll be enrolled in this list. Site specific information about FPSC and SSC is shared, as is the current maintenance status of the club assets.
Cody Committee MembersFor committee members only.

Note that only members of the club can email the mail distribution server – all outside emails are blocked from being forwarded. If you have more than one email account, remember to use the one registered with Cody SC to contact other club members through the mail server, or have us add all your email addresses. Members can ask for others to be added – especially helpful with family memberships.