Poole Camp Friday

The day started grey and drizzly, but cleared up by launch time at 6pm to be a sunny evening with a steady F3 gusting F4 from the SW. Three boats ventured onto the harbour, Ged and Peter in the Storm17, Roy and Jenny in the Laser 2k and Steve, Mel and Mike in the Comet Trio. We headed straight to the harbour entrance on a steady broad reach and run, with Ged’s downwind performance outrunning the asymmetric spinnaker boats. At the entrance we had different ideas about how best to keep out of the way of the Cross Channel ferry, some sailing into the wind shadow and some crossing the deep waters to more wind. A beautiful beat into the sun, three up on the side of the Trio with the flood tide behind us soon had us at Pottery Pier. Then for fun we threaded the islands and landed at 8pm. It was a spectacular first sail in Poole this year.