Cody Sailing Club at Southampton Sailing Club

Cody Sailing Club has associate membership of Southampton Sailing Club and one of our club boats is kept there. Dinghy Section members of Cody SC are entitled to use the Southampton SC facilities and Dinghy Section members of Cody can sail the Cody SC dinghy. There is an excellent club house and launching to access Southampton Water. There are toilet, showers and changing facilities and an excellent club upstairs area with bar and brilliant views. On Wednesday evenings the bar is open so why not pop down and meet other member of Cody SC and Southampton SC there.

There is a key to access to the compound at Southampton SC and the club house. Simon M currently holds two sets of keys. If you would like to sail at Southampton SC please get in contact with the Simon M or the Cody Rear Commodore.

Details of the club including rules and regulations can be found on the Southampton Sailing Club website. There is a members area on the website that contains the details of the club. The username and password can be obtained from Simon M or the Cody Rear Commodore.

To make full use of the Cody Sailing Club dinghy at Southampton Sailing Club for recreational use or racing you need ‘Dinghy Section Membership’ of Cody SC. This is very reasonable, and it gets you shared use of any of the three vessels at Frensham Pond SC or Southampton SC, associate membership of the club and access to a wide variety of dinghy sailing experts. The shared use is an important element to understand – if there is a call on the dinghies for an away-from-pond event, the away-from event will get priority, and yet most of the time not all dinghies are required for an away event.

Weekday evenings sailing: Throughout the late Spring, Summer and early Autumn, every other Wednesday evening where there is an evening high tide for launghing it is club sailing night at Southampton SC. Sailing starts at 18:00 on the water and includes recreational sailing with a safety boat cover. Sometimes if there are enough boats there may be a fun race organised. The bar is open afterwards. To encourage more Cody members to sail at Southampton we have opened up these club nights to all Cody SC members, both Dinghy and Non Dinghy Section members. Please come down on alternate Wednesday evenings, details are available on the Southampton SC website.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How do I get to Southampton Sailing Club? Directions are on the website. The easiest way to get there is from Junction 8 of the M27.
  2. Can I sail the Cody club boat at Southampton Sailing Club? Yes if you have paid the Dinghy Section membership of Cody Sailing Club and have the right sailing qualifications (Skipper to have min RYA Level 1&2 with safety boat cover and RYA seamanship skills with no safety boat cover). All qualified members including non DS can sail the club boat on Wednesday evenings for no additional cost.
  3. Are there any other boats at Southampton SC I can sail? Yes Southampton SC have club boats you can crew or helm (subject to availablility) on Wednesday evening sailing (RS Quests and GP14s)
  4. Can I tow the Cody Club boat at Southampton to Cody events? Yes, just let the cody Rear Commodore know you wish to tow the boat away to another Cody event.
  5. Do I need an induction to use the facilities? It would be best if for your first visit you contacted Simon M to show you the facilities.
  6. How do I access the facilities? Contact Simon M to get the key or the Rear Commodore Cody SC
  7. Can I use the Southampton SC any time? Yes provided you have key access. Note that launching and recovery needs planning at low tide – see below.
  8. When is the best time to come and see the facilities at Southampton SC? Wednesday evenings. Sailing alternate Wednsday from 6pm. Bar is open from 8pm every Wednesday.
  9. Can I launch my own boat from Southampton SC? Yes the concrete slipway extends to the road.
  10. Can I do training at Southampton SC? Yes they do RYA 1, 2, 3 and seamanship courses as well as RYA Powerboat courses. Contact training at

SSC Slipway and Tides

The end of the slip way is about 1.4m above CD. 
On a neap tide you can launch virtually to low water with a dinghy as the slip way still remains covered.
The art is getting out to the deep water, if looking at the slipway from the shore, keep to the left hand side of it and aim for dock head.
This has the greatest depth of water especially as there is an additional depth of about 30 cm right up against that side of the slipway.
Remember that HW is a bit of a lottery but LW is the known constant hence the tidal curve being upside down.