Yacht Cruising

Yacht Cruising

Many moons ago, when I first joined our club, it was called RAE Sailing Club and its membership at that time was roughly made up of 2/3 private yacht owners and 1/3 dinghy sailors and half of the overall membership participating in both activities. As a result of the high percentage of membership interested in Yacht sailing , there was a number of activities organized during the year that were yacht orientated, including some long weekend cross channel  sailing events.


As the years have gone by the emphasis in club interests has changed, toward a greater interest in dinghy activities, including a number of very successful sailing orientated camps.

However, there are still a number of members who own larger vessels and it has fallen to me, as one of those owners, to put together a few words to uncover the mysteries of the annually published Cruiser Event that you will see in the Events programme.


We normally programme two club cruising events a year into the clubs activities calendar.

These are normally posted as Summer and Autumn Cruiser Rally events. As Cruiser owners, these two events are our opportunity to offer our hospitality on board our vessels to all members of the club. These events normally start on Saturday morning, with guests meeting the boats and owners at Gosport before sailing to a chosen destination somewhere in the Solent, dependent on wind and tide. We would then entertain ourselves at a local hostelry on Saturday evening, stopping on board overnight, normally supported by marina facilities and then returning on the Sunday to Gosport.

Our boats range from 9.8metres in length to the smallest at 6.7metres, but all with comfortable sleeping arrangements in cabins on board.


We have a number of regular members that sail with us on these events, and while these individuals are always welcome, it would also be nice to see some new faces. It is a great opportunity for you to become acquainted with the delights of

  • a cup of freshly brewed tea while underway
  • in depth navigation techniques
  • boat handling and mooring
  • sailing longer distances
  • after sail activities

We will also be planning some longer distance cruises down to the west coast and possibly across the Channel to France, if there is enough interest.


All adult members are welcome on these events and are only limited by the number of boats participating and the accommodation limits per vessel. There is no need for any specialist equipment, but for some waterproofs and clothing appropriate for the seasonal conditions, a sleeping bag, your wash bag and a few pounds for a beer and a pie in the pub.

The cruiser rally is only open to adults. The event involves an overnight stay aboard a yacht, with an evening meal in a pub. We run many events that are inclusive of all members in a family, the two cruiser rallies a year are the only events which are unsuitable for under-18’s.

It will be great to see some new faces and you will be made most welcome, so please join us on the next advertised event.

Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information or advice on Cruiser Sailing or the published events.

Contact the Vice Commodore via the contact page.